The skin is the largest primary body and requires proper care so as to stay healthy, however your is always exposed to make use of toxins, chemicals and other substances that can cause free radicals and damage your epidermis over time especially or even face.

In order to set our facial look excellent, avoid wrinkles and other aging signs is necessary to follow a healthy lifestyle and use a good anti aging cream to protect us. However most anti wrinkle creams do not work with care.

Recently there was an anti aging experiment made with moisturizers and anti wrinkle creams. There were common moisturizer agents, cheap anti wrinkle creams and expensive anti aging creams.

Every person in my didn't know what were actually using, for one month each of us used a moisturizer on the one hand of their face come with an anti aging cream in opposition. The creams were from popular brands we have know.

At the end from the month most participants though them to be just using a moisturizer and a lot of didn't notice any discrepancy in one side of their face to another. what happened is that the anti aging creams didn't produce any more success than a common item.

What this anti aging experiment tell us is that most of the anti aging creams in the street are not effective and regardless how expensive they are, they could be recycled more effective. However for many people that there are not good creams is just so that you can look carefully and have to have consumer reviews before choosing one.

What i have seen is that most anti aging creams use harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients that are not harm the skin and are ineffective, it is much quicker to use creams with herbal extracts that have anti getting older properties, ingredients from plant extracts together with other natural sources.

For example CynergyTK stimulates elastin and collagen production, this reduce wrinkles naturally and repairs fragile skin. Other potent natural ingredients are vitamin C, manuka honies, avocado extract, coenzyme Q10 which phytessence wakame.

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