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After years of extensive discipline AHAVA Skin Treatment Range works an amazing ANTI-AGING product range. This Anti-Aging treatment cream is based the Dead Sea Minerals proven to rehydrate the skin and renew the body. Duniella Algae, sourced & indigenous to the Dead Sea is unique. This Dead Sea Seaweed comes packed with Vitamin C and E and has high cholesterol Vitamin A and Amino acids. a pioneering technological state-of-the-art in moisture replenishment, skin protection and anti-aging. This unique Algae covers Glycerol to prevent dehydration and Omega essential fatty acids to strengthen invulnerable. Research is currently being carried out on the Duniella Algae involved with it properties and effects focus on Anti-Aging and Cancer prevention. A true gift in case nature!

Extracts from these leave plants have been utilized for thousands of years by local tribes to know the truth hydrate, soothe and nurture dry, damaged and aggravated skin.

In clinical the test conducted by Dermatest, a crucial European dermatological research initiate, this treatment has a been capable of producing a significant reduction depended on wrinkle depth, provide deep moisturizing effects that last for about 12 hours, stimulates production of Collagen and Elastin(essential for reducing the results of Aging), firms skin tone together with the improves Elasticity and re-enforces the skins' health.

Providing essential nourishment the rich texture towards the present cream is regenerating the skin throughout & night providing it with youthful vitality who might be lost with age. Skin will radiate again along side fresh renewal. Dermatology tested and approved to everyone skin types. Able to diminish fine creases by up to a number of 43%. Awaken the skin with a restored vitality and a young smoother texture.

Natural fragrances and anti-oxidants mean this treatment is unlikely and causes any allergic reaction making it safe for even the nearly everybody sensitive skins. Dewy Convertible top, Smooth and youthful skin can be achieved through the Mineral rich treatment product range.

My name to be able to Marianne Higgins. I have been a beauty therapist for 25 years and now have always used first class products at the beginning. I owned a salon for a decade's and after selling that I do a salon from home. I believed i was using AHAVA Dead Stream Mineral products then (6years ago now) and still have had wonderful results on all skin tones and with all problems including and additionally with the relatively undiscovered Anti-ageing Ahava Time Lead range. My clients have loved it that may results have been awe-inspiring! Once the skin will be damaged and showing the results of aging it takes a little to achieve desirable typical reactions and renew and revive the skin. With a quality proper care product like AHAVA Exercise Line & Sunscreen accompanied by UVA & UVB protection applied daily results notice within one month.

I have set up a website selling AHAVA products in the past year to make AHAVA ready to accept everyone. If you pretty try the Time Line Age-Defying to my site and I will give you some samples to carry out.


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