As we go through life we are exposed to millions of toxins and chemicals daily that produce free radicals in this skin and damage the recording. Those free radicals are among the major causes of skin aging, but it happens because do not protect our skin and don't follow a healthy existence. Just imagine years and process in unhealthy habits and millions of toxins attacking your skin, the consequences are signs of aging, face lines, blemishes, sagging skin and more

There is different problems, as we age the body decreases its production of their essential proteins collagen and elastin, they keep the epidermis of our skin firm and elastic. So what exactly, we need to have the ability to increase our skin elastin and collagen levels.

Here is why i recommend to counteract aging and protect dermis from the formation of new skin imperfections:

- first you desire to improve your lifestyle

- avoid smoking

- don't injure yourself alcohol, it drys the skin

- use a cream with anti oxidants to protect your surface area from pollution

- use a sunscreen to defend your skin from the UV rays of the sun

- eat healthy foods rich in vitamins

- take multivitamins

- take vitamin c, it increases collagen presence

- Use a product or service

- Drink plenty of water to maintain skin hydrated

That is a real natural anti aging natural skin care guide, however if you live in past your 30s and you're already experiencing wrinkles, is a plus to use an anti aging cream.

Not all creams will be in, in fact most creams the heck are useless and some will even harm your skin from the high concentration of chemical ingredients. It is very common for ladies that use anti aging creams to experience secondary effects like the irritation, inflammation and dry skin.

The best anti age category creams are natural to get only organic ingredients and elements. Some of the best natural ingredients are avocado extract, manuka baby, grape seed oil, disect, vitamin C and other. Those contain anti aging properties and will allow you to protect your skin from free radicals.

But there are also very important natural compounds like CynergyTk made up of keratin which increases collagen and elastin levels in your skin.

Avoid creams with elements like parabens, petrolatum, alcohol, fragrances and mineral coal.

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